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The Invisible Room Podcast

Aug 11, 2017

Even though one can put together a story about what these broadcasts are about, no words will satisfy; no concept will last. When we enter the invisible room, the stories of life and death and the world cease. This is who we absolutely are. We exist as the one thing that is. Come in, take a deep breath, and feel the deep currents of mystery running through your life.


The Primer Episodes are a first of a series of topical sets designed to open passageways for spirit to enter its creation through us. To feel it is to know it. That's all that one has to consider when entering the invisible room.


Here are the titles of the five Primer Episodes, which will be posted on Fridays as usual. The were all recorded in one sitting and rise exponentially in vibration as we move through them.


  1. First Things
  2. Unwrapping the Veils
  3. The Doing of Spirit
  4. Ecstatic Self-knowing
  5. Diving the Deep Mystery


Headphones recommended so that your interior spaces resonate more deeply.