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The Invisible Room Podcast

Aug 4, 2017

The inward journey has no ultimate culmination although there is the moment when one stands on the cliff side of one's personal existence and contemplates the infinitude of spirit. How did I get here? Where to go from here? Indeed you can dive into the infinite should the divine intelligence reach out and bring you in; or you can invite into your personal life the seeds of pure knowing and bring back with you godbeing knowledge and live a new reality, one not dependent upon the limitations of the mind. This episode brings in the "pure knowledge" godseed and invites those who breath it into their lives to experience the living edge of one's personal existence and know it for what it is.


The address of the Fire of Life Prayers indicated on the recording is incorrect. That link is The Fire of Life Oracle. Links are on the Transmission Page.


Michael Garfield's Music