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The Invisible Room Podcast

Jul 7, 2017

When we turn the corner in our lives and finally accept that nothing I can do will bring magic into my life and dispel the terrible confusion that I keep pushing aside with beautiful thoughts and deeds and explosions of desire and all the small things that serve the same purpose of substituting for the one thing that will do the trick and set things right and bring out the true knowledge of who I am, what all of this is, and what is absolutely going on. The cry, "I want to know!" and "I exist!" merge together into a grand reality event. Call it what you will, there is a grand event ready to happen, a sudden dispelling of all illusion and a shaking off of the unquenchable desire to grab the world and squeeze it into what will free me of what inevitably brings me to my knees and accept that the presence I feel is the gaze of a grand cosmic being who will touch me in my hidden core and bring me into the mystery naked and new.


Michael Garfield's Music