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The Invisible Room Podcast

May 26, 2017

As we move deeper into the invisible room, more opportunities arise for experiencing life in the absolute spirit. In this episode, we take our first journey into the quantum cosmos. We lay the foundation for all future trips and for the activation or light centers imbedded deep in our conscious selves. The divine self that is the invisible room becomes ever brighter as we explore the domains of the quantum cosmos. Imagine for the few minutes in this episode that you have an "enlightenment" experience; you learn and see astonishing things as the veils fall. Then, through a will that is not your own, the veils come back into place. In a moment of personal reflection before the veils settle in, you have an opportunity to bring back one thread of that vision. What will that thread of knowledge be? What do you wish to use from the light beyond your personal life to light the way day to day as you continue to engage your life in the world? Coming next week: "Episode 10 Prayer for Transcendent Peace."


Michael Garfield's Music